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Unveiling the Evolution: Speaker Deck's Remarkable Journey from Manual to Elegant Deck Migration

From a cumbersome start to an elegant solution, Speaker Deck's journey transforms deck migration, empowering exposure. 🚀

Over a year ago, I embarked on the journey of creating a comprehensive guide on manually transferring your valuable decks from SlideShare to Speaker Deck, step by step. However, as I delved into the process, it struck me as rather cumbersome and lacking in elegance. Consequently, I decided to put a pause on it, leaving the draft unfinished.

Then, a tweet arrived in my notifications this past May that truly caught my attention.

The excitement that welled up within me was palpable. While Bilgin boasts an impressive following, it was more than just that. It ignited a realization about the untapped potential residing in those decks languishing within SlideShare – their rightful exposure left unrealized.

This marked a turning point. I was driven to expedite our efforts and minimize any hurdles in the migration process. Our objective became clear: to create an efficient solution that would swiftly liberate decks and provide them with the recognition they rightfully deserve.

By July, we proudly unveiled our beta-testing phase, welcoming keen participants who helped us unearth a host of bugs and issues. Armed with their invaluable feedback, we dedicated ourselves to fine-tuning and adapting the process to accommodate the myriad of variations that had emerged.

And now, in the blink of an eye, a mere moment in the grand scheme, we have unveiled a robust import feature, a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. This feature empowers our cherished members to seamlessly import their decks, ensuring that they can shine brightly on Speaker Deck.

For those eager to embark on this journey, detailed instructions await you – a guiding light to navigate this exciting transition. Feel free to explore them here, and join us in celebrating this milestone achieved through innovation, collaboration, and unyielding determination.